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zanie bars and alcohol....

the fireworks were awsome. i fucked myself up pretty nicely. i ate a zanie bar and drank. damn it's been a long, long while since i've ate pills.

i met a friend of mine's sister yesterday. she's a fucking bitch. *sarcastically* oh yea, bitch, you asked what my brother was on? he was smokin crack you snotty bitch...right out in front of your mother's fucking store. you should've joined was some good shit. watch what you say to my fucking family next time bitch.

sorry...she pissed me off. she was very mean for no appearent reason. then she had the fucking balls to show up to my brother's house last night. granted her brother lives there too and my brother didn't know cause he was passed out. but her brother was pissed off too (at her). she was just a that i got to be mean...i feel better.
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