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cheese town

ahh...this is great...i'm in indiana at this very moment. i have to say...i mis home...but i'm enjoying seeing my wonderful most special friends.

4th of july rocked. some friends of mine from cheese town came to see me...some ghetto whore came to the party and pissed on the couch...eww...

shelby: i don't want to go back home i love it here.
abby: don't. stay and live with me or andy.
shelby: come back to chesterton with me.
shelby: sure why not.
abby: i'll have to tell my mom.
shelby: well call her then.
abby: ok.

abby: mom, i'm going to chesterton for a week or so.
mom: how are you getting there?
abby: shelby and andy.
mom: how are you getting back?
abby: we'll figure it out once i get there.
mom: ok. have fun. love ya.
abby: i will. love you too.

abby: oh...shit. i don't have money.
shelby: so?
abby: ok...i'll go.
shelby: cool.

andy: how long will you be gone?
abby: i'm not sure.
andy: ok.
abby: i'll miss you.
andy: i'll miss you too. i love you.
abby: i love you too sweetie.

this is great.'re awsome for understanding. i'll definetly be back for your birthday. i fucking love life. i love being back in cheese.
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