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I was in a not so churpy mood a couple hours ago...but because of my michelle and my loving and supportive boyfriend, andy, i am much better.

andy's great...he surprised me earlier this afternoon by showing up for a quik "hi", "i love you", and "goodbye". it was cool because i'm not supossed to see him until thursday after school, then it became tomorrow after school and today he stopped bye.

even though you won't be reading this..."i love you honey."

school sucks...all except acting...acting is cool. i'm actually looking forward to homecoming...i have a pretty, pretty princess dress. hell yea...

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i don't know why but oh well i ve basically been screwed out og a relationship again but trhats not new gotta go see ya ... i don't know bye
blahh blahh blahh hippy hippy hippy .. u r right behind me right now preaching of peace and love and saveing little bunnies and whales from persicution... abby abby shut up .. just shut up stop ur wods no one cares what u have to say .. cully u need to shut up ..stop ur words.. ur not god ... u little bitch with ur green jacket and ur randum coments