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money... sucks, but if you're on your own it's a nessecity. do to some sucky ass cercumstancs, i had to move backin with my mom. i shall work on my lisence and find a decent job so andy and i can finally get that place that's been suck a financial impossibility. why can;t things still be cheap.

better yet...why can't things be easy like they were when i was a young girl and my life and future where still protected. everything made sense then. i wasn't worried about making money or getting a car. i wasn't worried about when i can finally move in with my fiance. i love the independence, but the naive little girl in me thought life was easy. when i was younger, being independent was easy. i never thought that i would worry about money. i was never the type until i realized how important it really can be.

oh, what a silly rant.
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