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well my love and i are in the process of exploring housing opportunities...we want to get a mortgage on a home...but it's defintely not easy.

there's grants out there for first time buyers, but finding them is very hard. i'm hoping that andy and i being engaged will help qualify us for a grant, but by what i've seen so far is that andy and i need to be married to qualify...which isn't a bad thing but we can't afford our dream wedding right now and i don't want to have to elope.

i can't wait till he's my husband though. i'm so in love with him...we have an unbelievable cosmic connection. it's like our love was printed out in the stars before we knew of one another.
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Im hope you and andy find a house i will try to come visit when you do prom was this past weekend...i went with dan green but thats anotherstory gotta go tacie